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Services provided by Azimuth Marine Surveying Pty Ltd include:

Periodic Surveys

A statutory survey required under the Marine Survey (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law 2012 for domestic commercial vessels to determine if the vessel and its crew are fit for its purpose, and in a state of repair that will ensure this. Inspections are carried out on the vessels Safety Management System and all operational systems and the relevant standards must be met for reissuing of Certificates of Survey and Operations.

We are currently qualified to conduct a periodic survey of vessels <24m (l), survey of communication equipment (p) and survey of safety equipment (o).

Pre-purchase Surveys

This report provides an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the general condition of a vessel and its operational systems including hull and superstructure, machinery (for basic operation and installation as far as can be determined), fuel systems, steering, electrical, navigation equipment, communications and safety equipment) and makes recommendations for repairs or maintenance. This information can greatly assist the buyer in making an informed decision regarding this important financial outlay as well indicate any ongoing costs. This survey is non-destructive and does not include any areas of the vessel which are hidden or inaccessible for inspection. A sea trial is highly recommended.

Insurance Surveys

These are used by insurance underwriters to assist with making underwriter decisions. The report will identify the vessel, its equipment, condition and general value. It will also identify defects, damages and hazardous conditions that are a potential threat to the safety of vessel and crew.

Damage Surveys

Used to establish the nature, cause and extent of damage following unforeseen or unexpected incidents such as collisions, fire, sinking and extreme weather events. As well as preparing a final report, we will assist with coordinating repairs, collect and review relevant documents and supervise and monitor repairs to completion.

On/Off Hire Surveys

These are used to determine the condition of a vessel prior to, or after, hire to ascertain whether any damage (other than fair wear and tear) has been sustained during the hire period. The report will also include the checking of documents, establishment and quantity of stores and fuel on board and the general state of cleanliness. This is a useful tool for those hiring vessels to limit their liability.

Safety Management Systems

We will prepare this important document for you.  Find more details here.